Yanmar JH4 engines have been around a while now. Starting at 74 brake horsepower and rising to 108bhp, these Yanmar engines are the smallest in the manufacturer’s marine engine recreational range to have turbocharging. Both models have four valves per cylinder, though still with pushrod valve actuation, and mechanical engine management and straightforward distributor pump-type fuel injection for reliability. No potential issues with common rail here!
It might seem odd that Yanmar didn’t simply turbocharge the 2.2lt 4JH5E engine, which is a four-cylinder version of its smallest direct injection marine diesel the three-cylinder 3JH5E. Instead it opted for the two-litre JH4 engine which has a smaller cylinder bore but the same piston stroke. This particular bore/stroke combination is used in the JH4, JH3 and BY2 series. The BY2 models develop up to 177bhp from DOHC valve actuation and turbocharging and intercooling with electronically managed common rail injection, so the base engine sure is flexible!

Like the 4JH5E the turbo cousin has heat exchanger cooling and a voltage regulated 80amp alternator, a bit light on output considering the engine output. The same 1.4kW starter motor is fitted. Both the alternator and starter motor are mounted well above the engine bearers.

Standard Engine Package
  • Exhaust mixing elbow [L-type]
  • Alternator 12V – 125A
  • B20 panel
  • Flexible mounts
  • Expansion tank for fresh water cooling system
  • Electric stop solenoid

Optional Accessories
  • High-riser mixing elbow [instead of L-elbow]
  • Secondary alternator 12V – 130A or 24V – 75A including smart regulator
  • C30 panel
  • Extension wire harness [4m, 6m, 10m]
  • Dual harness [for 2nd station]
  • TFX Sidemount control head
  • SOLAS including Certificate [factory fit only]
  • Hot water kit with cocks
  • Extension saildrive leg [75 mm]
  • Propeller cone nut kit SD60
  • Air heater [glow]
  • Trolling valve [only for KMH4A]
  • On-board spare parts kit

  • Rated Output : 55.2 kW / 75 mhp
  • Rated Speed : 3200 rpm
  • Displacement : 1.995 L / 121.7 cu. in
  • No. of cylinders : 4 cylinders
  • Cylinder Bore x Stroke : 84 mm x 90 mm / 3.31 in x 3.54 in
  • Combustion system : Direct Injection, Bosch Distributor Type VE Pump
  • Aspiration : Turbocharged
  • Alternator : 12V - 125A
  • Dry weight without gear : 207 kg / 456 lbs
  • Dimensions : 903 mm x 661 mm x 659 mm
  • Controls : Mechanical
  • Certifications : RCD 1, EPA Tier 2, BSO II, EMC, SOLAS

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