Daiwa's new Luvias LT has a Magsealed main shaft and Zaion body to keep it smooth, light and trouble free. Luvais has many features found in some of our top of the line spinning reels and will give anglers a smooth and reliable day on the water.
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The Daiwa Luvias reel is all class. It’s a precision fishing reel that’s enjoyed a very loyal following since it first hit the shelves decades ago. The new 2020 Daiwa Luvias is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. The range is comprehensive with a brilliant selection of models. Whether you cast the lightest of soft plastics for bream or bass or cast spinners at trout, there’s a Daiwa Luvias Reel to suit you and your fishing styles.

The Luvias legend was created through years of research and by pushing technological boundaries. The 2015 models continue the tradition of excellence, setting standards in spin reel performance that are without peer. There are 5 Daiwa models in the finesse range (1003, 2004, 2506, 2500 and 2510PE) and there is 2 medium size model (3000 and 3012H) each with the same elegance in feel and styling with an atomic strength that deifies their diminutive stature. When it comes time to order – simply just select the 1 size that suits you best.

Featuring many of Daiwas cutting edge innovations the Luvias has become one of Daiwas legendary spinning reels. Designed first for finesse it offers a lighter and stronger body plus refined looks like no other. Thanks to Magsealed, CRBBs and a Zaion body it is perfect for all fresh and saltwater lure situations.

The high accuracy of Digigear II and silent oscillation produce a smoother rotary efficiency and increased cranking power. The ATD drag implements structural changes to the already ultra light Air spool, providing greater support across the entire length of the main shaft. This reduces spool twist under load, promotes even wear of the drag washers. This combined with an ‘almost miracle drag grease with low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag start up, reduces “pulsing” of the drag when fighting the fish; an asset when connected via light braids.Thanks to Daiwas unique Magsealed technology saltwater penetration into the reel is all but eliminated. This minimises corrosion and promotes longer life and a better performance. In addition the body is made of Zaion; a high-density carbon resin. Light, strong, sensitive and corrosion resistant. Air Rotor enhances reel sensitivity and the transmission of feel. Its structure reduces weight but increases rigidity, further assisting rotation smoothness under load.

The Luvias combines Monocoque (MQ) and Zaion technologies to create a one-piece body that is both incredibly rigid and strong while remaining remarkably light. The new frame also sports a screwless rear cover that adds superior protection and balance.

The Tough Digigear diameter has been increased, delivering not only higher power but also reduced winding inertia. Weight reductions have been achieved through a re-design of the Zaion Air Rotor and handle assembly.

Features and Specifications:
  • ABS Long Cast Spool
  • Machine Cut Handle
  • Air Bail
  • Monocoque (MQ) plus Zaion Body
  • Tough Digigear
  • Finesse Drag
  • Automatic Tournament Drag
  • Mag-Sealed Bearings, Line Roller and Body
  • Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings CRBB
  • Silent Oscillation
  • Light Tough Concept
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Model: Daiwa Luvias 2020 Reel (and still current model)

  • The MQ and Zion combo delivers phenomenal strength and rigidity while ensuring that the 2020 is the lightest Luvias fishing reel ever. It punches well above its compact size and weight and can be cast all day without a hint of fatigue
  • The Luvias sports significant drag capacities. Couple this with the generous spool capacities (especially on D models), and your set to tackle a larger class of fish than you would otherwise target with this reel size.
  • The finesse drag is ideal for the ultra-light angler looking to extract every bit of performance and sports or tournament conditions.
  • The Daiwa Luvias reel is built to last. Excellent sealing and corrosion resistance make the Luvias a brilliant choice go-to saltwater weapon. Magseal ensures that damaging salt, sand and water will not shorten the peak working life of your Luvias.
  • The ABS long cast adds a new dimension and greater versatility to the Luvias range. The ability to cast further increases stealth capacity and delivers greater access to a broader strike zone.
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  • Brand: DAIWA

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