Arguably one of Daiwa’s most famous features, Magseal combines with the MQ body to make Saltist MQ one of the best protected reels from the harsh environment Daiwa has ever produced. The single piece Monocoque (MQ) body houses a larger diameter Tough Digigear transferring all of that power delivered through the handle to your line, ultimately stopping those fish in their tracks.
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The Saltist you have come to know and love has been redesigned and upgraded. Still featuring a heavy duty aluminum frame for maximum durability, Daiwa has now added the Monocoque Body (MQ) for even more power and a more compact frame. An MQ frame design allows us to fit a larger gear inside of the reel, adding power and longevity to your gear set. A 360 degree screw-in sideplate removes to need for traditional sideplate screws, allowing for a more compact and more weather resistant housing. 

Poised to dominate in any variety of saltwater environments, the Daiwa Saltist MQ Spinning Reels utilize some of Daiwa's most advanced design features to provide ultimately dependable power and performance. Built around a heavy duty aluminum frame for maximum durability, the Saltist MQ implements Daiwa's Monocoque Body (MQ) design for even more power in a more compact frame. A feature brought down from Daiwa's flagship level of spinning reels, Monocoque Body refers to the use of a one-piece frame and reel body. 

A single piece body allows for exceptional strength and rigidity, improved water resistance with the absence of screws, and significant weight reduction. Perhaps best of all, the MQ frame design provides better spatial efficiency and allows for a larger gear to fit inside of the reel, adding power and longevity to the gear set. Anglers can expect the same effortless rotation and fluid operation they are used to from Daiwa reels, in part thanks to the ultra-lightweight Zaion Air Rotor perfect for all day casting and retrieving. With a Magsealed main shaft for exceptional durability, the Saltist MQ can take a splash without skipping a beat, making it a great option for use from either the beach or the boat. The Saltist MQ is available in a full range of sizes to fit any application, meaning anglers can select the ideal reel to battle any fish whether its from the surf, along the coast, or out in the deep.

The Daiwa Saltist MQ is perfect for anglers who fish saltwater. The new monocoque body concept sports an excellent visual appeal while ensuring maximum consistent strength. Combined with Daiwa's Air Rotor system, the all-new Saltist MQ creates an incredibly light fishing reel that provides sensitivity and responsiveness not seen in other saltwater reels of its class.

In the typical Daiwa fashion, a Magsealed body is a standard high-end inclusion that keeps salt, dust, and other elements from getting into your reel, spoiling your fishing experience. The new Daiwa Saltist MQ Reel also features a carbon ATD drag system, which is Daiwa's most impressive drag system to date. With a max drag of 10-20Kg (Depending on which model you purchase), the Saltist MQ reel can handle just about any fish imaginable.

The Daiwa Saltist MQ reel is available in various sizes for sale. From a small 2500 size for some inshore fishing fun to an impressive 20,000 size for all you anglers who chase species like tuna, kingfish, or trevally, which often command the need for a fishing reel that can hold a lot of line.

Features and Specifications:
  • Model: 21 Daiwa Saltist MQ (and current release)
  • MQ Monocoque One piece body
  • Air Bail
  • ABS Long Cast Spool Technology
  • Air Rotor
  • Braid Line Band (line not included)
  • Mag Sealed Body
  • ATD Automatic Tournament Drag System
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse

  • The new MQ body concept eliminates the need for screws attaching the side plates, meaning it's one complete solid construction. MQ results in a much lighter fishing reel that is more robust than ever before.
  • Daiwa's Saltist MQ fishing reels also have a high-end ATD (Automatic Drag System). The Daiwa ATD is Daiwa's most durable drag yet, and it means you can fish hard and put the pressure on big fish without worrying about your reel's drag system failing on you.
  • Daiwa's Saltist MQ fishing reels also feature Daiwa's mag sealed technology. Mag sealing uses a special oil that Daiwa coats the inside of the reel with. Mag seal oil repels water, salt and sand, meaning your Daiwa Saltist MQ fishing reel will stay in pristine condition for longer.

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