Fewer reels in the Daiwa range are as iconic as the TD SOL. The vibrant orange a distinct trait which is instantly recognisable on the water. Now for the first time, TD SOL receives the Monocoque Body (MQ) treatment with the release of TD SOL MQ.
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The Daiwa Sol MQ is a revolutionary spinning reel that will take your fishing dreams to new levels. The innovative features and unmatched quality make this the perfect instrument for any angler looking forward, not back!

The obsolete Sol III has been replaced with the MQ, which features popular sizes of 2000 - 4000. However, Daiwa has depreciated larger models, which were formally in the past series to focus on improving Sol's inshore market technology and presence; it paid off!

Daiwa's new Sol MQ reel is a master of inshore fishing, dressed in a one-piece body that eliminates the need for side plates. The single-piece Monocoque frame increases reel strength and rigidity while delivering better performance and improving water resistance.

The orange-coloured body has never looked so good, with Monocoque (MQ) technology delivering all the benefits that anglers have enjoyed in reels like EXIST, CERTATE and SALTIGA. Now available in TD SOL MQ, Monocoque body delivers an all-round improved reel structure. Firstly, reducing potential ingress points for water and debris into the gearbox, MQ reels remove the normal side plate design. MQ bodies are IPX rated thanks to the elimination of that seam and the screws which traditionally hold the side plate to the main body assembly.

Secondly, MQ equipped reels enjoy the additional volume created inside the gearbox by installing a drive gear which is much larger diameter than reels without MQ technology. To put it simply, MQ equipped reels have a bigger gear and therefore have increased power, durability, and torque than competitor reels.

TD SOL MQ’s body is made from Daiwa’s new ZAION V material. A high rigidity carbon composite material which can be formed into incredibly tough & rigid bodies which are impervious to the harsh destructive elements of saltwater fishing.

TD SOL steps ahead when it comes to the rotor and bail design, incorporating a ZAION Air Rotor and seamless one-piece Airbail construction usually reserved for reels like EXIST and CERTATE. This lightweight and rigid rotor design gives TD SOL MQ incredibly low start-up inertia, meaning the feel for the angler is one of lightweight rotation & incredible performance.

Features and Specifications:
  • Model: Daiwa SOL MQ Reel (2021 release and current)
  • Monocoque Zaion V body
  • Zaion V Air Rotor
  • ATD Tournament series drag
  • LT Concept Magsealed body and line roller bearing
  • Screw-in handle
  • Twistbuster II line management technology
  • Long cast ABS spool
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for light inshore fishing styles such as lake and river
  • eight bearings

  • Zaion V body, which is 25% lighter than magnesium yet exceeds magnesium in rigidity substantially.
  • The Daiwa Sol MQ has a Monocoque frame that is stronger and more rigid than other reels, increasing reel strength and rigidity while delivering better performance, improving water resistance, and reducing weight.
  • Inclusive in the Sol MQ is the ATD Tournament series drag, which ensures smooth and consistent drag performance.
  • An LT Concept Magsealed body and line roller bearing help reduce water intrusion and improve overall longevity giving you that out-of-box feeling for much longer.
  • Another great feature of the Daiwa Sol MQ is its Twistbuster II line management technology. This feature helps to reduce line twists and tangles, making for a more enjoyable fishing experience.
  • The Daiwa Sol MQ also features a screw-in handle, which helps to improve reel stability and reduce handle wobble.
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  • Brand: DAIWA

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