The Tatula 200 HD LTD is built specifically for Australia. Featuring upgraded greased CRBB spool & pinion support bearings the Tatula 200 HD LTD lasts longer in harsh saltwater environments than any other Tatula 200HD before it. Heavy-duty baitcaster brilliance has arrived with the Tatula 200 HD LTD. A reel that delivers in looks, performance and power the LTD carries the pedigree that has made the Tatula name famous and elevates it to a new level.
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Daiwa takes the Tatula baitcaster and cranks up its size and performance to create the new Tatula HD. Heavy duty (HD) in name and design the new 200-sized Tatula has been tricked out and pimped out, to make it standout as one of Daiwa's premier heavy-duty baitcasters.

The Daiwa Tatula HD Series Baitcaster reels provide all the flagship features that the Tatula series is renowned for, plus, that bit of extra line capacity to ensure that when you start poking it at fish predisposed to ignoring the demands of anglers, you have a little bit more argument available to convince your adversary that you do not intend to take no for an answer. From the outset, you will have the confidence to enter the fray knowing you are backed up with enough string to play out the tiff. 6kg of UTD drag will be enough to end the run, eventually. It’s just some fish require a little more convincing than others. The Daiwa Tatula HD reel range also has a 100mm handle giving you some pretty serious cranking power. When you’ve turned your monster you can really put some berries into your wind and discourage further acts of defiance.

Check the specs listed below and marvel at the features Daiwa have engineered into the Daiwa Tatula HD baitcaster reel 200H LTD series. They are nothing short of magnificent. The price is very affordable considering the inclusions and are availed in three speeds, P being Power gear, H fast, and HS, really fast. The H is available in a left hand as well. Choose you Tatula HD now and start pegging baits at monsters.

Features and Specifications:
  • Model 2019 Release (and current) 200 HD LTD
  • Max Drag: 6kg
  • Approx weight: 230 grams
  • Daiwa Technology inclusions including magforce z, real four, digigear and ultimate tournament drag system
  • Durable frame and side plate (aluminium construction)
  • Aluminium frame and side plate (gear side)
  • Durable gearing system
  • Star drag system
  • 100mm size handle (Swept crank)
  • 7 1 Corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • TWS Easy cast line guide system

  • Your Tatula HD LTD has the extra weight and line capacity to head after bigger, harder fighting species.
  • The long arm ratcheted star drag is a boon for ergonomics. It is so easy to adjust whilst in the throes of a tense battle.
  • Casting with the Tatula HD baitcaster reel is pure brilliance. Magforce Z plus TWS take all the effort out of cast and retrieve. TWS give line control like no other line guide.
  • Real Four, Digigear II and air rotor are beautifully supported by 7 silky smooth, corrosion resistant bearings. It provides the ultimate in smooth operation while under the toughest loads. It will provide this performance consistently throughout its long working life.
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  • Brand: DAIWA

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