The Shimano Curado DC is one of the most versatile and durable baitcast reels on the market that I can take to the local lakes to fish for bass, but also head to the coast and chase redfish and trout. The DC motor makes this reel a breeze to cast without the worry of birds nest, while still providing great accuracy and smoothness.
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Curado is a name well understood by Shimano and baitcaster fans alike. The Shimano Curado DC reel for sale now, is likely a lessor known variation on the highly successful baitcaster label. DC stands for digital cast. While digital cast is not a new concept, its lack of availability and prominence locally, has kept the technology under the radar for all but the most dedicated reel tech watchers.

Shimano Curado DC Reel, The new Shimano Curado DC is a brand new reel which features a DC braking system in a lower price class. The I-DC4 braking system will help the angler to cast better and reduces the change of backlash. The total of 6 1 ball bearings in combination with MicroModule makes the reel run insanely smooth. And due to the combination of a Magnumlite spool Superfree spool system and the I-DC4 braking system, the angler will even be able to cast and fish also small lures for e.g. bass, perch or zander. The Curado DC might be considered the best reel for crankbait fishing in this price class. However, since the implementation of X-Ship, the reel is also able to withstand higher forces and can also be used to fish bigger lures for e.g. pike.

Digital Cast technology passes a large percentage of breaking management over to a microcomputer. Don’t panic, it doesn’t replace you and your casting skills, and it doesn’t require batteries and charging.

It does achieve something every baitcaster fan appreciates; a massive reduction in overrun (backlash) while fishing tough conditions. We all hate a bird’s nest. Indeed, it’s the skill required for casting a baitcaster that excludes many an angler from embracing the use of baitcasters. DC technology will change this.

The DC allows you to fish fluro, mono or braid with very light lures, while casting into the wind. Obviously, you can do this with most baitcasters, but the frequency of overrun, and the ensuing high-volume thumb management makes casting a chore as opposed to fun.

Features and Specifications:
  • 6 1 Ball bearings
  • Max Drag: 5kg
  • Cross Carbon Max Drag: 5kg
  • Ball bearings: 6 1 (shielded anti rust)
  • DC (Digital Cast Technology). IDC-4
  • Anti-backlash reel (perfect for beginners and advanced anglers)
  • Does not require batteries or charging (technology is powered by the cast)
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Gearing Technologies: Micromodule, X-Ship
  • Hagane Forged Body

  • Shielded Anti-Rust bearing ensures your Curado DC Reel will endure under the tough salt conditions.
  • IDC-4 technology will all but kill the occurrences of backlash in tough conditions. It will allow you to fish a huge range of lures and conditions without adjusting cast settings. There are 4 external settings for refining to cast demands
  • The Hagane body eliminates flex and adds strength and impact resistance to the reel. Your gears are protected, allowing them to operate at peak spec, regardless of the pressure.
  • Cross carbon drag offers a convenient range of selections and it’s silky smooth.
  • Micromodule gearing is where smoothness meets reliability and uncompromising strength
  • The high cast rating and high crank rating provide lightning speed options particularly suited to the pressure demands of tournament angling  
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  • Brand: SHIMANO

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