The Saragosa SW comes in a wide range of sizes from 5000 up to a massive 25000 to suit the demands of all saltwater game anglers. The smaller sizes are perfect for casting, spinning and jigging whilst the 20000 and 25000 sizes, with their rigid support cross carbon drags are perfect for large bluewater game fish like tuna. Packed with the best Shimano features including X-ship and HD gear, the Saragosa SW also features X-shield waterproof body and drag to protect it from the harsh saltwater environment.
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All Shimano fans are well aware of the pedigree of the Shimano Stella range. We’re also aware of their top end, aspirational price point, which is only accessible to a smaller number of anglers. The Shimano Saragosa gives you access to the same larger class of fish, with all the performance at a fraction of the price of Stella.

The Saragosa cuts down on the number of bearings relative to the Stella, but without sacrificing the smooth crank and huge inclusions list. The Shimano Saragosa reel boasts bucket loads of Shimano’s most unique spin reel technologies, making the Saragosa reel a formidable powerhouse designed to tackle the oceans biggest.

Shimano Saragosa Reels are big yet refined. Their light weights defy their designated purpose of big fish angling. A Shimano Saragosa design is for fishing on the beach, rocks, reefs, nearshore and out past the shelf in the blue water.

The Saragosa SW-A has built an incredible reputation and the newly released 2020 model takes it to the next level. Packed with upgrades to deliver great cranking power and unmatched durability, no other reel compares at this price point. The Saragosa SWA series features 8 models with the 14000XG and 18000HG being new additions for 2020. 

The new range incorporates top tier Shimano technologies such as X-Protect, X-Ship, Hagane Body and Hagane gear into the reel body. The newly designed compact body has been engineered to improve the reels handling and balance. Drawing upon the Stella SWC, Infinity Drive is included and provides improved pinion gear support which translates to greater and smoother cranking power. The X-Protect water resistance system improves the line roller durability to an IPX8 standard. Built for big fish in extreme conditions, the Saragosa SWA will continue to push the boundaries.

The 5000 model, the smallest in the range, will make an excellent reel for those who tackle a larger class of fish in the rivers and estuaries, such as mulloway or barra. The Saragosa 5000 also makes for a versatile go-to allrounder that could be useful just about everywhere.

While crank smoothness, strength and rigidity are givens, it is the generous spool capacities and max drag that provides access to our large predatory fish. The smaller models cover Aussie salmon, tailor, bonito, barra, trevally and more whereas the big models like the 20000 or 25000 pit you against tuna, kingfish, GT’s, mackerel, sailfish, marlin and sharks.

Features and Specifications:
  • Ball bearings: 5 1 (on 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 14000) 6 1 (on 18000, 20000, 25000)
  • AR-C spool
  • Hybrid Hagane Body
  • One-piece bail
  • Manual bail close system (not automatic on wind)
  • Infinity Drive
  • X-Protect - Upgraded IPX8 Line Roller System
  • X-Protect
  • A waterproof cross carbon drag system
  • Hagane & X-Ship Gear technology
  • Ideal for heavy-duty saltwater fishing.
  • Perfect for beach, rock and offshore boat fishing
  • Saragosa SWA Reel Model (2020 release and current)

  • Two critical features, X-shield and X-protect both work together, preventing corrosive damage to the Saragosa SW reels. X-protect is water repelling technology. While the reels are not fully waterproof, these two features assist in keeping 12 crucial areas of the mechanisms performing longer, repelling water, preventing corrosion and increasing the longevity of your fishing reel.
  • AR-C spool design helps to improve the castability of the reel. Fishing line peels off the spool in loops that are smaller dramatically decreasing friction and refining your cast distance.
  • The benefit of the one-piece bail wire means that there is no opportunity for the line to catch as the bail closes and as the fishing line slides onto the roller.
  • Bearing supported X-Ship Hagane gearing delivers smooth, near-effortless incredible cranking power.
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  • Brand: SHIMANO

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