The Shimano Twin Power reel series has been a household name in fishing for 30 years! This model has been updated in 2020 and equipped with a metal rotor and Hagane body to significantly improve the rigidity and durability of the frame. In addition, the Twin Power is equipped with a Long Stroke Spool, which greatly improves the throwing performance! The Twin Power series has evolved into a strong and reliable reel that the fisher can use with confidence under all conditions.
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The Shimano Twin Power FD is one of the highest quality spinning reels on the market and enjoys great popularity in freshwater and saltwater fishing. The role convinces with uncompromising performance, a pleasantly quiet running behavior, a finely adjustable drag and durable quality.

The gear of the reel is manufactured with the latest technologies and contains some of the most powerful components Shimano has ever developed. The well-known Hagane Gear is manufactured in a cold forging process, which ensures that the reel retains its extremely precise, smooth and powerful running over a long time. The very precisely milled Micromodule Gear gears are designed for maximum precision, just like the X-Ship gear system, and thus not only additionally optimize the running behavior of the reel, but also improves power transmission. By revising individual internal components, Shimano has developed the SilentDrive technology, whereby microscopic crank play is a thing of the past and the role receives an incomparably quiet and smooth running, which is further improved by the total of 10 ball bearings. Through these gear technologies and innovative manufacturing processes, the reel brings even after years of use extensive use the usual performance and helps you achieve your goals.

Shimano Twin Power Spinning Reels have always been synonym of strength and reliability, and the new FD model is once again raising the quality standards for the spinning reels of its category. It offers an incredible combination of power, smoothness and silent retrieve, on 11 different models that will fulfil every advanced angler’s needs.

Twin Power has been reloaded with excellence in mind. Now in two smaller sizes for a greater range of applications, the new Twin Power is all about smoothness and durability. Starting with the same best-in-class features that made its predecessor incredibly tough; X-Protect water repellent system, HAGANE Gear, Titanium Coated Spool Ring and X-Ship. Twin Power FD now features MicroModule Gear II for incredible smoothness that lasts longer than previous MicroModule gears. Silent Drive eliminates noise and vibration throughout the reel through a total redesign of mechanical parts to micro-tolerance levels.

  • MicromoduleII
  • Hagane Body and Gearing
  • Silent Drive
  • One Piece Bail System
  • Long Stroke AR-C Spool
  • Shimano X-Protect
  • Shimano G Free Body
  • Ball Bearings 9 1 S-ARB

  • X-protect will help to keep all the elements out and your Shimano Twin Power reel will last many years of exciting, hard core fishing. It helps block and protect against saltwater intrusion.
  • The G free body technology will give you a casting feel like you have never experienced. Cast all day long, free from fatigue.
  • Shimano Hagane gearing is inclusive in the Twin Power FD Reel models. This is cold forged gearing and is far tougher and smoother than other brands that use machine cut gearing.
  • With up to 11kg (depending on the model you choose) of X – tough Drag you will enjoy a massive increase in drag smoothness with the ability to manage and anticipate speed changes of the largest of predators.

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