Shimano Tyrnos is a more affordable range of overhead fishing reels compared to the top-end Shimano game reels. These two-speed fishing reels have been designed to function to an impressively high level within saltwater conditions and resist corrosion.
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Shimano Tyrnos 30II Two Speed Lever Drag Reel. A powerful range of lever drag multiplier reels available with either a single or dual speed retrieve. The Tyrnos is the reel currently in vogue on the British shark-angling scene. When loaded with modern, ultra-low diameter braided lines such as PowerPro, the smallest models within the Tyrnos range are proving increasingly popular with specialist anglers. The reels are small and light enough to fish comfortably all day for key species such as cod, ling and pollack, yet retain the inherent strength and high levels of engineering to comfortably handle the most powerful species available in Europe, including the likes of wreck conger, giant skate and sharks offshore in deep water.

This aluminium framed lever drag reel is available in single and 2-speed versions and has built up a trusted reputation amongst serious boat anglers.

The Shimano range of Tyrnos 2 Speed reels feature push button gear shifting and ultra-strong die cast aluminum frames. The two speed gearing as well as Shimano’s commitment to lead the pack in research and development ensures that anglers can feel secure and trust in Tyrnos 2 Speed when connected to that game fish of a lifetime. Each Tyrnos 2 Speed Reel includes oversized stainless steel gears that are always meshed so that they can seamlessly change between high and low gears even under extreme load. Tyrnos 2 speed reels are built to react quickly, for example to rapidly clear a trolling pattern in pursuit of super quick game fish.

The Tyrnos 30 overhead fishing reel has four bearings and this reel functions on a 2 speed 5.0:1/2.0:1 gear ratio. Shimano has included Anti-Rust Bearings (A-RB) crafted from stainless steel. Compared to standard stainless steel bearings, these have ten times the resistance to saltwater corrosion. Debris is rapidly flushed out by a no-shield design.

Saltwater resistance is further boosted by the reel’s Shimano Metal Series status. The sheer quality of this metal frame will ensure that all moving parts and components are kept in their exact alignment. Shimano has performed anodizing, plating, and painting to ensure their elite durability.

  • 2 speed gear ratio
  • 5.0:1/2.0:1
  • 15kg max drag power
  • 4 bearings
  • 1160g weight
  • 548 metres 14kg mono capacity
  • 80lbs/686yds PowerPro capacity
  • 114/46cm retrieval per crank
  • 10-year warranty
  • No-shield design A-RB bearings
  • Shimano Metal Series

  • Shimano Tyrnos 30 is a two-speed overhead reel featuring a gear ratio of 5.0:1/2.0:1 allowing you to switch crank retrieval in drawn out battles with large tuna, marlin or other game fish.
  • Four A-RB stainless steel bearings will preserve the long-term integrity of the reel, as they are ten times more resistant to saltwater than standard reels.
  • A non-shield design will ensure that all corrosive elements are flushed out of the bearings in rapid time.
  • All surfaces of the metal frame have been anodized, plated, and painted to resist corrosive damage.
  • As part of the Shimano Metal Series, the reel’s moving parts and components will maintain perfect alignment within the frame.
  • Shimano offers a ten-year warranty to cover every reel in the Tyrnos range.
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  • Brand: SHIMANO

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